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  • Ultrasonic Sensors

    Ultrasonic sensors detect a multitude of objects contactless and wear-free with ultrasonic waves. It does not matter whether the object is transparent or opaque, metallic or non-metallic, firm, liquid or powdery. Our ultrasonic sensors are available in many different designs, ranges, cone angles and output types. Most of them feature temperature compensation, noise suppression and a connection cable for auto-synchronization.


    • Very efficient in detecting
    • Trasperant,Opeque objects
    • Metallic, Non metallic objects
    • Films, Double Sheet, Labels
    • Liquids


    • Diffuse Type
    • Retro - Reflective Type
    • Thru - Beam Type
    • Double Sheet Detection : Double sheet sensors are ultrasonic thru-beam sensors that have been optimized specifically for sheet feed applications, including double sheet detection, label counting, and splice detection.